Why subscribe?

Subscribe to predisposition if you are interested in exploring identity through the lense of neurodiversity and recovery. My hope is that others who have discovered they are autistic later in life, as well as people in recovery, will find resonance here. I also hope to provide insight my autistic perspective to neurotypical people who are wanting to better understand it.

What do you write about?

I am using writing to process my autism diagnosis and better understand myself through this new lense. Through the writing process I have also begun to explore recovery; in addition to autism I write about alcohol use and my experience with eating disorders. I write about my past experiences, my thought process, my way of navigating the world, and use my developing knowledge of autism and recovery to inform my reflections.

Do you write fiction or non-fiction?

If I were to put these essays into a book, I would probably call it autofiction. I am writing about my real life experiences to the best of my memory, but I know that my memory is fallible. I will cite sources appropriately if I make assertions, and I will be transparent when I am speculating. I will refer to other people, but I won’t use real names out of respect for the privacy of people who I have known over the course of my life.

Why are you anonymous?

My diagnosis is new to me and it’s a lot to process. I’m not sure I’m ready yet to be fully open yet, so I am keeping this anonymous for now. I imagine that over time, as I grow more comfortable, I will be fully transparent about my identity.

Can you say more about yourself?

I am an American, white, cisgendered man. As such, I recognize that I have a lot of privilege. My hope is to acknowledge that privilege in my work and to express the advantages I know it has given me. An important part of my life is better understanding the experiences of people from different background, genders, races/ethnicities, ages, and regions of the world, and to bring that knowledge to bare as I examine my own life and experiences.

Are you open to feedback?

I am honored to receive feedback, and I am grateful to anybody who can help me learn. I hope to connect with readers via email and comments, whichever is more comfortable for you.